Ramon Llamba is India’s first life and business coach based in Gurgaon. With 20 years of past experience, Dr. Llamba is well-equipped to handle all the life issues that show up on her table.

She has a deep understanding of the laws of manifestation that helps her to integrate people’s mind, body, soul, and emotions in alignment and create a fulfilled life.

Dr. Ramon was very young when she started searching for the objective of her life. That was when she realized that there was so much pain on the planet that needed to be calmed down. With a similar objective, she went to the USA and undertook a certified life coach program from Louise Hay.

After coming back to India, she started serving her purpose as a coach and a life transformer. She has touched thousands of lives to date and has aided them to find balance within themselves which otherwise they had been seeking outside.

Her innate competency lies in her innate ability to understand the human vibrations, sense them, and interpret them in physical language.

Dr. Llamba also works as a body and healing therapist. In her career, she has successfully healed the patients of depression, bipolar, anxiety, cancer, joint pain, and liver & kidney disorders by using meta- medicine, sound healing, and touch therapy.

She teaches practical and proven ways to create true potential through experiential learning and transform human minds from Zone A to Zone B of singularity.

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