Words of Wisdom- What goes around, comes around

28 Feb, 2020

A deed once done cannot be turned back, that’s why it is said that one should watch his/her actions and words without letting them out in the Universe.

Focussing on one’s own self and taking a deep plunge into our deeds and soul, gauge the shortcomings, rectify them and spread positive vibrations to our surroundings is a figment of Quantum Physics.

Law of Karma

The law of Krama is infallible and each and every living being is in the Universe turns up in its loop. Any action of yours that causes distress or harm to another person comes back to you in the same manner. Similarly, any good deed and kind gestures too come back to you. There is a reaction to everything you do- good or bad.

Karma and Quantum Physics

Karma and Quantum Physics go hand in hand as both share a common basis and a similar goal. Karma connects each and everything with every other thing, the reason being that nothing in the Universe has ever existed on its own behalf.

Just as Karma brings your course of existence in a round circle and neutralises the effect of your being, Quantum Physics is also worked at neutralising the effect of negative vibrations and spreading positivity in the universe around you. Karma connects all the layers of the universe and proves to be the most philosophical and logical explanation and is the most supreme example of justice.

Everything does not end at physical death and there is much more to our souls than this, karma keeps travelling along with the souls. We, at Golden Age Transformation, aims at bringing a balance in your life, for you to concentrate on your deeds and pave a path for a better and bright future. Our expert Dr Ramon Llamba focuses on to bring a change in the mental balance of people as this is the crux of leading a healthy and beaming lifestyle.

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