Transform lives in the simplest forms

29 Feb, 2020

Life is a free-flowing journey that runs on some scientific logistics. Our moods and emotions too are depended on these scientific reasons. If emotions, behavioural changes and mood swings are talked about, the qualities often neglected are physical theories that deal with life and consciousness. Quantum Physics is the study of energy at the most fundamental level. The energy that is being transferred is transmitted invisibly. The main ingredient is vibration- which is the crux of all origins in life.

Quantum Physics is an invisible part of life where life and consciousness are outside the area of present-day Physics. If a person gets too involved with the objective and external processes of life, then he/she gets away from the spiritual descents. And they tend to lose acquaintance with the perception of the real truth which is hidden in one’s own self.

Dr Ramon Llamba is a PhD in Quantum Physics, Reiki healer, NLP expert, life coach and a business coach and believes in preaching what she practises. According to her, an observer holds the power to observe and understand any happening and to change the world around us, we must first change ourselves.

To lead a happy and healthy life, one must follow the process of focusing on one’s own self, bringing about a change and then spreading these vibrations to our loved ones around us.

Our internal thoughts influence our mind and that impact is spread to our surroundings so if we are living in a negative stream of influence then it becomes even more difficult to nurture and grow.

Golden Age Transformations and Dr Ramon Llamba focuses on transforming lives and to have a positive influence.

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